Cats are a calmer and steady breed compares to dogs. But, not all people love cats. There are also cat haters among us! Are you a cat lover? So, let’s start reading about interesting facts about cat breeds in Sri Lanka.

Cats can be categorized as domestic and purebred. Domestic types do not have a pedigree but purebred has.

In most of the houses in Sri Lanka, we have domestic cats. Which there is no pedigree or any other recognition about the breed.

Well, you may identify its parents as ” Allapu gedara wasanthige puusige patiyek..!”. Or “Piyadasa maamage gedara ekaage patiyek..!!!”

However, these pets do not need any extra care or a whole lot of vitamins, special meal plans or any other medicare. They just need some food you may cook for your supper. These domestic cats are easy to maintain.

But remember to vaccinate by taking the pet to the Veterinary doctor and take care of you and the cat annually.

However, let’s move on to the purebred cats that almost everyone love to adopt as a pet. The royals of the cat kingdom!

When talking about purebred, there are several bodies for recognition. The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA), The International Cat Association (TICA) and The Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).

Lovely and adorable fluffy type cats | Persian

persian cats. Lovely adorable long fur of coats
Image credit: | deliabertola

One of the most popular breeds around the world. The long fur coats giving them a glamourous look and the different tones of colour make them gorgeous look.

They have a calm attitude and has a round head enhanced with thick ruff, small ears and round eyes. Their beauty is enhanced with a short but broad body with heavy boning short legs.

However, because of their long coated hair, they should grooming daily. And also, these cats are not suitable for kids because of their long fur.

Maine coon | Another gorgeous cat

maine coon cat
Image credit: | fcja99

The Maine coon is solid, rugged and can endure a harsh climate. They are known for their large stature and thick fur coats. The origin of this breed is said to be America. Their body looks muscular and well balanced. And also they have a large, expressive wide set of oval-shaped eyes. They have many shades of eye colours like gold, green and blue.

Bengal cats

bengal cats. looks like wild animal
Image credit: | Chrisnachall

Bengal cats are more wild looking. Actually, most people think they are wild cats by their appearance, the spotted coat looks like a wild leopard. However, these cats are loving, adorable and have an affectionate personality.

Not like Persian or Maine coon, the Bengal type has a short coat. Their coat was patterned with shades of brown. Not to mention, this breed has a good intelligence level compared to the other breeds.


siamese cats.
Image Credit: | webandi

Siamese cats are loyal and intelligent. Some pet owners say they are like dogs, vigilant and passionate. These types are easily adapting to any environment. Most importantly, easy to maintain. They have a well-proportioned body and charming personalities. The muscular body is the main reason for their attractiveness. This breed has a unique tone of a coat.

however, because of the short non-shedding coat, there is no need the constant grooming for them. So, they have very simple needs regularly.

Siamese cats are loyal to humans. Loving and trustworthy but deeply sensitive. Try to pet another cat, or bring another pet. of course, you will know how sensitive they are!

Ragdoll cats

Image credit: | Kadisha

One of the best cat breed that good to get along with children. These cats are large in size and extremely lovable. And also, very calm and quiet breed. This breed is also easy to care for and adapt to the environment easily.

They have distinctive blue eyes and a long-haired coat. Their coat has different colour patterns including colourpoint, bicolour and mitted with a mixture of colours like white, grey, blue, cream, lilac and chocolate.

Because of their extreme affection for the owner, these cats can’t keep a big-time lonely. They surely miss you and it feels uncomfortable for them. However, they are playful animals and love to keep rattling with the toys they own. And also, they are easy to train. So, it’s a great choice for you to choose a Ragdoll cat as your new pet.

Birman AKA Sacred cat of Burma

Image Credit: | Casion

Birman cats are also called Sacred cats of Burma. Some pet lovers identify them as the “perfection of cats”. However, this breed charming people for centuries. Most of these cats become pets in the ancient temples with monks as they are the best breed for calm and peace in nature.

Not to mention, if you saw one of these cats, they are glamourous. That does not mean they need luxurious care. If it is a small apartment or an estate, they equally share their living. Most of the time, these pets are not playing or walking. They may be sleeping in your lap or laying at your foot.

You will be surprised, there is very short grooming needed for the Birman cat. Their coat is not tangled every time. They just need a simple combing once a week.


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