There is another rumor going on the internet saying that “Twitter is Down”, as there are several “big” changes happening at the Twitter HQ.

According to several news sources, there are hundreds of employees leaving the company after Elon Musk’s announcement to signup for “long hours high intensity or leave”.

The departures highlight the reluctance of some of Twitter’s 3,000 or so employees to remain at a company where Musk earlier fired half of the workforce including top management, and is ruthlessly changing the culture to emphasize long hours and an intense pace.

However, Elon Musk stated on the platform that there is no problem with people leaving as the “best people are staying”.

The billionaire owner also added: “We just hit another all-time high in Twitter usage…,” without elaborating.

And also according to several news sources, The company also notified employees that it will close its offices and cut badge access until Monday, according to two sources. Security officers began kicking some employees out of one office on Thursday evening.

However, on the internet, it has become a panic room with rumors of shutting down. On the other hand, Musk made jokes with the users in several tweets.

Not only that, there are also some rumors on the social media, saying Twitter will be shut down tonight because “the internal version of the Twitter app used by employees is already slowing down. Twitter users prepare for the platform to possibly go offline after a sudden, temporary closing of all company buildings.”

Will Twitter ge Down Today?

However, there is nothing official news regarding the shutting down of the company or the platform so far. But there will be big changes in the future as Elon once said that “there will be a charge for a verified blue tick”.

Finally, with huge staff cutting starting from top management, there will be big problems ahead coming as there is huge shortage of trained and experienced staff in the Company.

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