Sri Lanka is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Every year thousands of tourists choose Sri Lanka as their travel destination.

To a luxurious journey to cheap getaway, there is a wide range of entertainment on this little island. Enjoy the beach with surfing, hiking in the mountains, wild safari, elephant watching as well as with the history of 2500 years there are lots of historical sights to see.

As a visitor to Sri Lanka there are many do’s and not do’s when you travelling. Here are some not to do tips for a traveller. 

Do not ever insult religion in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans are zero tolerance in insulting religions. So do not ever wear any tattoos that represent a religion like tattoos of Load Buddha.

As well as do not wear any clothes that have printed religious markings. There are so many cases happened in past regarding these types of clothes and tattoos.

Obey the law of the country. 

When visiting Sri Lanka, some people think that, in a foreign country, the law is flexible to foreigners. That’s not true!!! Be aware of the common rules like

Protect the public utilities and do not disturb nature.

In Sri Lanka, most of the time people used to put dirt in public transportation like buses and trains. Also, keep dirty shoes in the seats. And also scratch the seats.

  • Do not destroy the public utilities. Keep those things as safe as possible.
  • Protect nature and do not disturb the animals and plants. Sometimes people used to make noises while safaris for taking animals from their hiding spots. They got frightened and started to run. So they can take photographs. But that is so disturbing to the animals. Sometimes they left over their babies and finally those babies die as their parents can’t find them.

Always respect the locals. Do not insult them. Sri Lankans are caring people.

Always respect the locals. Do not try to insult them. Sometimes foreigners used to insult brown skin people thinking as they are slaves. That is clearly racism and of course, Sri Lanka is their country. However, you always have a right to take actions of calling the police if you get troubled by a local. That is the law.  


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