The great mythical king Rawana of ancient Sri Lanka, also known as “Lankadeepaya” still a great story ever heard in Sri Lankan history.

The myth started with the ramayanaya the old fiction book written in India also named as “Mahabaratha” by Rishi Valmiki.

The story about a king named Rama and his brother Lakshmana and Seetha the wife of King Rama.

According to the fiction, Seetha abducted by Rawana, the king of Lankadeepaya (now Sri Lanka). And the Rama and his brother Lakshmana went for searching Seetha.

On the way of their search, they found the Hanuman, a monkey king with a huge monkey army.
Rama built a bridge across the ocean to travel from Mahabharata to Lankadeepaya with the help of Hanuman. Today that bridge named as Adams Bridge or Sethu Samudram.

Rawana Lakshmana and Hanuman

However, Ramayanaya is one of largest epics in world history.

By the way, Ramayanaya is a fiction, the story behind the book believe as a true story.

Most people from South India and Sri Lanka still believe that the Rawana is a Yaksha King in ancient Lankadeepaya. And also people used to believe that King Rawana is not dead and he is in a deep sleep.

Modern-day Stories of Rawana

Most of the people used to do many worships and pooja to wake up the king.

Some professors and researches found many evidences to prove that this story is true.

The mountain named Lakegala situated in Meemure village Sri Lanka is known as the centre of the kingdom of Rawana.

Some people still believe that there are a lot more secrets are hide behind this mountain. The villagers tell that there are some lights flashing from the top of the mountain in some dark nights.

And also some others say that there is a secret door to go inside the mountain, where the King Rawana sleeps.

They believe that the many secret books belong to King Rawana is hide inside the mountain.

And also the Rumassala, a most popular tourist hotspot in down south Sri Lanka is known as a medicinal mountain that has brought from Himalaya by Hanuman.

Still, people can find some rare medicinal plants from the Rumassala mountain. Researchers say that these plants have a relation to Himalayan plants.

And also the soil contents of Rumassala differs from the region, Galle.

The most popular story of King Rawana is, about his vehicle called “Dandumonara”

According to the Ramayanaya, this vehicle can fly.

People believe that in that era, there was a lot more advanced technology than now.

The believers say that those ancient people used to contact with aliens too.

The mural in “Ranmasu Uyana” believed as a stargate to the space.

star gate ranmasu uyana
kalusudhdha –

There are many more religious places built for king Rawana in Sri Lanka.


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