Beira Lake which situated in the middle of the Colombo city is a hot spot especially for couples and people who love to have a chill on a cool day.

This lake is about 1.6 in size and about 5.6m in depth. However, as for today, this place holds a top-level tourist hot spot in Colombo. And also for locals this place very much popular.

Sri Lanka government decides to start a boat service from Beira Lake through the canals all over Colombo City. As an initial step, a boat service started a few months back from Beira Lake to Union Place. Which people can bypass the huge traffic at peak times. 

This boat service maintained by Sri Lanka Navy. Luckily and you can travel from Beira Lake to Union Place for less than 15 minutes. Also, This service identified as an ideal solution for huge traffic congestion on the roads.

Gangarama temple
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Future Plans of Beira Lake Boat Service

However, with the service growth, a timetable will be in introduce with the connection of the bus and railway.

Diyathra the Beira lake boat service
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And also with phase two of this project, another boat service between Wellawatte and Battaramulla will be starting from 11th March 2020. After that, it will take about 30 minutes to travel between Wellawatte and Battaramulla. It can bypass the heavy traffic congestion on the route.

The people who use the Passport Office will find this boat service very useful. As well as the Identity card office. Authorities scheduled boats every 30 minutes from the Wellawatte and Battaramulla. And most important this service will function between 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

The boat will be travel between scenic routes. Starting from Diyatha Uyana passing Nawala and Kirulapone and ending at Savoy Cinema Wellawatte.

In addition to that, this boat service extended to operate at night for tourists at the hotels around Colombo. 

Beira lake at night
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