Seethawaka Odyssey Started its Journey

New Odyssey to boost tourism
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Seethawaka Odyssey, a new luxury train targeting tourism to Awissawella started today (15) from Colombo Fort.

With the aim of developing Seethawaka, Avissawella as a new tourist area, a program to start a new Sitawaka Odyssey train will be implemented and the journey will start from Colombo Fort railway station every Sunday at 7.00 am. Domestic and foreign tourists will be able to travel on this train from the 29th of this month.

This train will run along the “Kelani-weli” route and this new train will travel to “Waga” station then the vehicles provided will take the visitors to Labugama, Kalatuwa reservoirs, and other beautiful places around the area.

Places to visit in this beautiful Seethawaka region.

  • Lambugama Reservoir
  • Kalatuwa Reservoir
  • Sita Udhita Park
  • Goraka Falls
  • Ranmudu Ella
  • Kumari Ella
  • Ella Uda Ella
  • Tummodara vine bridge
  • Stone bungalow
  • You can visit many tourist places like the Kodigala mountain range.

You can book your tickets online by visiting the Sri Lanka railway’s official site: https://seatreservation.railway.gov.lk/mtktwebslr/

Or by visiting the nearest railway station where a seat reservation facility is available.

Timetable for Seethawaka Odyssey.

The train will run every Saturday at 0700h from Colombo fort. And travel back from Avissawella on Sunday.

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