Sri Lanka is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

It is known for its unique landscape, flourishing beaches, abundant wildlife, and unique cultural heritage.

However, this is not all Sri Lanka’s got.

There are many more treasures to satisfy the eye of a traveler. Within this small landscape, Sri Lanka provides shelter to numerous captivating tourist attractions which are sometimes unknown to most travelers. Therefore, this is an attempt to reveal those secrets to you.

Tea Factory Tours in Sri Lanka

Tea plantation in Sri Lana
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Sri Lanka is most famous for its tea industry. And is one of the largest exporters of tea.

Tea tourism has been an established opportunity in Sri Lanka.

Almost every tea factory provides you with the opportunity to witness how tea is produced. We all know that the production of tea is a very complicated process. It requires different machinery and plenty of workforces. The method of tea production starts with plucking, withering, rolling, oxidizing, and finally, drying.

However, to witness these stages and to participate in these procedures will be a life-time opportunity for the travelers, and tea factories provide all the travelers with this unique opportunity.

As a memorable experience, the tea factories have the facilities to present you with a cup of tea made with the tea leaves that will be plucked all by yourself.

Cave Touring

Cave tours Sri Lanka
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If you ever wanted to travel off-beat and have a unique adventure, cave touring will be an excellent option for you. And, if you ever wanted this experience, Sri Lanka will be the best destination for you to travel. Cave touring is relatively new to Sri Lanka. Therefore, most tourists have no idea about this amazing experience. As Sri Lanka owns a tremendous historical value, the country is spotted with many caves with ancient significance. One of the most famous caves in Sri Lanka is Batadombalena which is situated in Kuruwita of the Sabaragamuwa Province. It is known for the discovery of the skeletal remains of the prehistoric man: “Balangoda Manawaya”. The caves are also homes to numerous creatures which are also endemic to Sri Lanka. Some of the other caves that you can go on a cave tour are;

  • Wavulpana,
  • Belilena Cave,
  • Mahalenama Cave,
  • Ravana Cave,
  • Aluvihara Cave and
  • Pahiyangala Cave (Fa Thien Cave) 

Significantly, cave touring will be an exciting option for you to make your tour to Sri Lanka adventurous and memorable.

Gem Mining Tours

Gem and gem mines
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Sri Lanka is home to a variety of natural resources, and Sri Lanka is most famous for its precious gems. Gem mining is also another unique industry that all tourists must experience. Even though most of the sectors are now mechanized, the gem industry still utilizes the traditional practices of gold mining. Mining, gem-cutting, and jewellery manufacturing are three essential stages in the gem industry. Many gem shops provide travellers with the opportunity to witness these unique sights.

Further more, in a gem mining tour, the travelers can witness;

  • how mining is done,
  • the gem-pits,
  • how the gem market functions and also
  • how gems are cut and polished into shiny stones.

You will be amazed to see the process of how a mere stone from the underground turns into a beautiful shiny stone that worth millions.

Tour to Meet Sri Lanka ’s Indigenous Tribes

Sri Lankan Tribes
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Usually, a country with an extensive history has its historical value. What if you are given the opportunity to witness living examples of the ancient inhabitants in Sri Lanka? The first inhabitants of Sri Lanka known as “Veddhas”. This group of inhabitants owns a unique culture with many fascinating customs and beliefs. Presently, the Veddha population confined to Dambana in the Mahiyangana District.  They are forest dwellers, and there is no much change in their lifestyles when compared to the Stone Age. They own a unique language of their own. In Sri Lanka, you will get a chance to meet the members of the tribe, spend a day with them, and gain an insight into their lifestyles. You will have the lifetime experience of;

  • being under the shelter of a mud house
  • enjoying a meal of boiled yams and coal-fired fish
  • trekking through the forest for hunting,
  • harvesting bee honey from live honeycombs and also
  • going fishing

The Veddhas will be glad to show you their ways of life. You will see their happiness when they perform a traditional Veddha dance accompanied by folk music and singing as a gesture of appreciation for visiting them.

Scenic Train Rides

upcountry train ride

Most significantly, Sri Lanka is famous for its scenic beauty. It is a country that is abundant with a lot of greenery and fantastic landscapes.

You will indeed witness this scenic beauty even when you travel on the road. However, a good and a not-so-popular recommendation to make your tour mesmerizing is to take a train trip!

What will it be like to feel and see the beauty while traveling on a train? Hanging out of the train will give you the best views, and it is an excellent feeling. Among the many train rides, one of the most scenic train trips is between Kandy and Ella. It is one of the highlights in Sri Lanka. In this ride, you will witness the iconic views of stunning landscapes of green, mountain views, and luscious plantations. The Demodara ‘Nine Arch Bridge” is one of the picturesque sights you will witness in this ride.  

Surfing in Sri Lanka

Surfing Sri Lanka
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After experiencing all the beauty and adventure along the roads, if you ever want to go off-road and hit the beaches, surfing will be an excellent choice to bring in a change to your travel.

Not to mention, surfing, which is a popular sport among travelers is a nice mix of travel and adventure. If you are a surfing lover, Sri Lanka will never disappoint your taste.

In addition to that, luxurious beaches surround Sri Lanka, and you will be able to find a beautiful beach with consistent waves for you to surf to your heart’s content. Some of the famous beaches for surfing are;

  • Arugam Bay
  • Mirissa
  • Midigama
  • Hikkaduwa
  • Hiriketiya
  • Weligama

Moreover, as there are surfer friendly zones here, it will be a significant opportunity for travelers who are beginners to surfing as well as for those who want to learn surfing.

Hiking and Trekking

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If you are obsessed with hiking and trekking, Sri Lanka will be the best choice of destination to visit.

The country has a variety of trails for all sorts of experience that range from short walks to more intense treks. As the country is full of cascading waterfalls and steep mountain ranges, Sri Lanka is a real paradise for those who love hiking and trekking.

Not to mention, a hiking trip will not be complete if you miss the trails of the Sinharaja Forest which is the home for many endemic species of trees and creatures. Some of the iconic hiking and trekking destinations are;

  • Ella Rock
  • Riverston
  • Adam’s Peak
  • Horton Plains (World’s End)
  • Knuckles Range
  • Meemure

Having said, you will clearly understand that Sri Lanka is a land with spectacular beauty and adventurous landscapes.

Hiking, trekking or surfing- you name it! and this island will have all the captivating attractions to make your visit an interesting one.

This compact island is full of staggering sights which are yet to be revealed to the whole world. This small revelation will definitely help you to look into some unique secrets that you can experience in Sri Lanka.

By: Dulakshi Kuruppu

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