Roberosiya is a flower that blossoms fully once a year. As it looks like sakura, locals call it Sri Lankan Sakura.

With the variety of uncommon things and places around Kandy, the trees like Roberosia which fully covered with flowers hold a remarkable place.

Roberosiya blossoms
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These days, you will notice a sudden burst of pink flowers around Kandy city and that is because of this Sri Lankan Sakura. Actually, the scientific name of this tree is “Tabebuia Rosea”. The birth country of this tree can be found in Southern Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Roberosiya is a type of Oaktree and it can be found growing at sea level to 1200m. And also needs a temperature of 20c to 30c on average.

roberosiya flowers in kandy
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After the full blossom of the tree, it looks very stunning and within a few days, you can find a pink flower carpet under the tree. And also there are no leaves on the tree and just only the pinky blossoms all over the tree. In addition, These flowers are average in size and lightweight. It is very common to see those flowers floating in the air all over the town.

Moreover, most of the scenic places can’t see easily. Not to mention, the University of Peradeniya. It has the most number of Roberosiya trees in Kandy. And of course, if you get a chance to visit there, you will not regret it even for a second!

Flowers in University of Peradeniya
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However, there is not so much information about this flower in Sri Lanka on the Internet. Not to mention, this flower catches the eyes of people everywhere and after seeing this catchy flower tree you will realize why this flower makes the Kandy heaven!

Photos of Roberosiya

Here are some photos of these Sri Lankan Sakura!

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sri lankan sakura
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Roberosia blossoms of sri lankan sakura
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Share your photos and experience with us about this Blossoming Kandy.


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