Pahanthudawa, after the few incidents viral on the internet. This is the most popular waterfall right now in Sri Lanka.

Why is this waterfall popular this much?

couple at pahanthudawa
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Not to worry it is not about deforestation or any other development activity. But this is not about the gossip on the pahanthudawa waterfall. It’s about the history and the beauty of this waterfall.

Pahanthudawa waterfall is in few miles away from town Belihul Oya, Sabaragamuwa Province.

Not only pahanthudawa, but on the way there are a lot of places to see and enjoy. Remember to Visit Kandy on the way enjoying your trip

The name “pahanthudawa” came because of the shape of this waterfall- the wick of a glim. However, it is too risky to jump into the water in this place during rainy seasons. Because of the huge amount of water that feeds the waterfall. And also, the “Hawagala” mountain range is the birth of this waterfall.

The hiking in this scenic area is popular among the younger generation and the hike to the waterfall is going through the jungle and it is an interesting adventure for hikers.

pahanthudawa areal view
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However, with the recent incidents, visiting pahanthudawa is restricted further notice. But after the recent travel restrictions, we will be able to travel again to see the beauty of this paradise.

Not to mention, when you travel, remember to visit these highly sensitive places with responsibility. If not, it will be far more disastrous as well as the banning for the public.

And please be careful when jumping into the water and also be aware of the instant rising of the water level. This is happening when raining at the higher end of the waterfall and these areas get instant rising of the water.

Travel Responsibly.