Cartoons, who doesn’t love!

We, 90’s kids are now slowly stepping into the nightmare of the ’30s. And we are the generation that saw the rapid emergence of technology, a big transition period when thinking about the internet and telecommunication- black and white TV and colour TVs.

It was all about 20 years ago and now we are grown-ups and proud to say that we are the first generation to use Facebook as a child. For the record, I make my first Facebook account at an Internet café with the help of my friend using a Pentium computer and a very slow internet connection.

Most 90’s kids may remember operating Black and white TV scrolling the TV knob and becoming the “remote control” of the family.

However, still, we are young enough to watch cartoons that make our childhood awesome.  They are the heroes and villains in our life and the role models of our lives.

We don’t have any rewind TVs at that time, no YouTube, no satellite TVs. We watched these cartoons on normal TV with faded pictures. Or running to a neighbour’s house to watch cartoons.

So, here are some cartoons that make our childhood memorable.


Tin Tin A animated cartoons series
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I know if you are a true fan of TIN TIN, the intro sound is now playing inside of your head. TIN TIN, a young Belgian reporter created by Belgian cartoonist Gorge Remi, wrote under the pen name Herge. It was the most popular cartoon series in Europe once. Not only was the cartoon popular among kids but the cartoon book series was popular among us in those days. The little puppy snowy with Captain Hadok by the side is the best friend of this young reporter TIN TIN. Not to mention professor Calculus and the detectors Thompson & Thompson.

Soora Pappa (The Asterix)

The asterix, Animated cartoon
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Soora pappa was another most popular cartoon series not only we were young but nowadays also. This cartoon series originated from a French comic book series written by Rene Goscinny. The plot is about fights in Rome in the era of Julius Caesar.

A little village people led by Soora Pappa (Asterix) with the help of his friend “Jim Pappa” and the “weda pappa” who makes magic portion that gives incredible strength to the people. They fight against the regime of Caesar who comes to invade their little village. It was a fascinating cartoon and because of its popularity, it was repeated about a hundred times on TV from time to time.

Swiss Family Robinson (Robinson Andaraya)

the adventures of swiss family robinson
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Robinson Andaraya was one of the all-time favourite TV series of our generation. This series is an American adventure film series released in 1998 with 30 episodes.

In Sri Lanka, it was dubbed in Sinhala and made an amazing song that all-time favourite. However, it was once the most loving TV series in our hearts.

The characters Ernst, Emily, Christina, and Billy were our childhood crushes and David Robinson was our hero.

Kubichchi – Animated Cartoon series

kubichchi cartoons
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Kubichchi was another Sinhala dubbed cartoon that we loved in our childhood. The character kubichchi was a girl as we have seen in the Sinhala dubbed cartoon. But the original character was a boy. The storyline goes in the jungle with a bunch of other bugs in the jungle.  

“Ferdy the Ant” was the original series broadcast in 1984. It was a German-British animated series and later dabbed by many television networks around the world.

Pissu Pusa

pisssu pusa animated cartoon series
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“Pissu Pusa” was another epic cartoon we watch as kids. The clan of cats living in the garbage bins and the leader was the “Pissu Pusa” who is very cunning and the “Sargent” was their friend and on the other hand enemy. It was amazing how this “Pissu Pusa” manage his fellow cats and face day-to-day problems.

The original series, “Don Gato and your pandilla (in English Top Cat)”. And produced by “Hannah-Barbera” in 1961.  The series started telecasting on the ABC television network in America.

Dosthara Hoda hitha (Doctor Doo Little)

Doctor do little
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Doctor Doo Little was originally a book written by Hugh Lofting and later became a cartoon and some movies. However, the cartoon we watched as a kid was first broadcasted on the NBC network in the 1970s and produced with 20th-century Fox.

The cartoon is about the animal doctor who speaks with the animals. And it also became a childhood fantasy to talk with the animals.

Pancha (Kissyfur)

Kissyfur an animated cartoons series
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Pancha AKA Kissyfur originally an American animated TV series that started telecasted on the NBC channel from 1986 to 1988. In Sri Lanka, it was dubbed and renamed Pancha. The storyline is about a baby bear and his dad who ran out from a circus and settled in a jungle.

The two crocodiles “Helaya” and “Seedevi” are the villains that finally get punished by the bear and the Pancha and his clan.

Not to mention, for most of the cartoon series, we have to thank the pioneer Athula Ransirilal and Titus Thotawatte for giving us such great memories of our childhood.


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