Have you watched the new music video by Shakira – Me Gusta?

The wonderful location in which the train travels between the green valleys. Ever wonder where that place would be?

So, Here watch “Me Gusta” by Shakira.

It is Sri Lanka, the most beautiful scenic train ride can be experienced in Upcountry train rides in Sri Lanka. Especially Ella. Of course, it is happy to see that this little country’s best location has been taken by Shakira for her new music video.

Ella is the most scenic location in Sri Lanka. Actually every year thousands of travelers visit Ella for enjoying open train rides as well as locations like Nine Arches Bridge and Ella rock.

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The cool and chilling weather in this area makes a perfect romantic moment for couples. And also, that would be the best romantic travel getaway for your loved one!

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The train travel through the cool misty woods and the chilling wind makes you feel the beauty of nature.

Not to mention, Ella rock is an ideal location for hikers. And also, at the top of the rock, you can see the vast area of the green mountains and the valleys of the Up Country.

Ella rock
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However, almost all the hikers who visit Sri Lanka choose Ella rock. Because they can observe a variety of endemic plants as well as little creatures. 

However, it is also convenient that you can climb up and enjoy the view and come back within a day. 

For all of these pleasures, it is a must to choose the best train schedule for your travel.

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