Making money while travelling?

The biggest problem that people facing, when they planning a trip is, how to find money?

The money problem put all the dreams about trips in the box.

The travelling cost is vast these days. Especially the accommodation, as well as foods, cost more. And tickets are also far more expensive than earlier. So, most people work for saving money by keeping all the other dreams behind.

But the smart traveler will think something else for making money from his/her traveling itself!

Is it possible?

Yes, it is. Let’s discuss some plans about how to make money while travelling.

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1. Selling authentic items in your territory in other countries or territories

Most people, even you may buy trophies or memorable items that represent other countries when you are coming back home. So do the reverse, take your country’s small DIY ornaments when you travel!

There is an excellent idea that you can sell small items such as DIY jewellery or hand made authentic small items from your country.

And also, locals will love to have those items in their hand as it is new to them. However, you can have some things from there, and if you are visiting some other country, you can sell those at this new place.

make money while travelling by selling ornaments
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2. Start a blog and update it on the way

That is another right choice, but you have to have some experience in blogging and how to maintain it. You can learn the basics easier within a few hours. And that will be enough for the beginning.

Do some interesting articles and make an audience for your blog. Advertise your blog, and you can find some cash.

Many travellers doing thin on their way, and some of them are only for their recording, and some are to make money. Not to mention, it’s all of your talents to make some audience and write articles that make the people enjoy to read.

3. Start a vlog / become a YouTuber and earn some money while travelling

This is also a cool idea!

You can start a video session on the way you travel. Most of the people doing this, and there is a massive audience on YouTube to watch the travel vlogs. If you can make exciting videos, this is your chance. Make some inspiring videos and give something that the audience will accept; you can have a massive success on YouTube.

And also, it is all about creativity and interest and not shy in front of the camera. That is the most enjoyable and coolest thing you can earn something while travelling. So, go ahead.

4. Tour Guide

If you are a good talker and have some marketing experience on you, you can become a tour guide. There are a lot of people like you who travel solo and sometimes can’t find the way and also do not know anything about the places they visit. You can be a tour guide for them.

Yes, of course, you must have some knowledge about where you are going. And also, must give them a trust that you know everything about the places you take them.

This is something new and you can have a try.

5. Sell your photos online

That is another way of making money while travelling. The websites such as Shutterstock open the people to register on their website and sell your photos online. If you can take rare pictures that most people are searching for can earn money.

And also you can make agreements with the publishers who wish to buy photos from you and can sell photos to them.

If you have a good camera and an excellent photographic eye, you can become a photographer who has a passive income and make money while travelling!

6. Street performance

That is also an exciting thing to do. If you have good creativity and excellent performer, you can become a great street performer and can earn some money.

That will be a massive change if you perform in some other country and they will love to watch something new performance from a foreigner. And also, you can earn a lot of money if you perform to the right audience at the right time!

However, some places need permission from the law enforcement authorities. So, keep that in mind, and you can do things smoothly without making troubles.

street performance
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7. Teaching languages

There are a l lot of people around the world who eager to learn foreign languages. If you expert in few languages you can start to learn them on the way. Don’t think that English is the only language that people want to learn.

These days Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin are popular languages that people want to learn. So, if you have some knowledge about these languages, this is the opportunity. Try to make contact with people and schedule some classes via social media and start. If you are an exciting and excellent teacher, you will succeed.

However, there are much more ways to earn money. Such as doing day works like helping in working sites, giving help in bars and restaurants etc.

And also, you can join in a delivery firm, and while you are travelling, you can deliver goods in the area. For that, you need good navigation about the area.

Doing volunteer work is also an excellent chance to earn some money. That is like quick jobs on the way. If someone is needy, you can talk to them and help at their work for some extra cash. And also, you can join big scale volunteer works going on at the area.

So here are the final words about making money while travelling.

There are tons of ways making money while traveling. The thing is you need to find your passion.

There is no specific way to earn money instantly and easily.

So, start from now on, find what is your passion and learn new things. then try to start a “income”.

After that, when you need that you have already have a way to find extra cash.

Finally, do not forget to mention your ways to earn money while travelling. We can discuss your options too.


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