Kandy Odyssey, the newly started Intercity express train by the railway department. Which is scheduled to run on weekends and public holidays from Colombo fort to Kandy.

This train is scheduled to leave Colombo fort at 6.30 a.m and reach Kandy at 9.18 a.m. And it is scheduled to leave Kandy at 4.50 p.m and reach Colombo fort at 7.40 p.m. The train contains four air-conditioned 1st class compartments containing 44 seats in each compartment, and three 2nd class compartments containing 44 seats in each compartment. The ticket prices will be;

  • 1st class air-conditioned saloon – 2000LKR per person.
  • 2nd class reserved – 1500LKR per person.

This train will stop at; Gampaha, Veyangoda, Peradeniya, and Sarasavi Uyana railway stations on its journey.

Traveling with Kandy Odyssey? These are the places you can visit

Kandy Odyssey is an ideal train for anyone who wishes to travel with their families. As the train is only for reservations, there is no big crowd. Not only that, but with the schedule of this train, it is more than enough for your team to walk around the Kandy.

Dalada maligawa (Temple of tooth relic)

The heart of the Kandyan kingdom of Sri Lanka is the sacred temple of the tooth relic of Gautama Buddha.

Today the sacred temple of tooth relic also known as “Dalada Maligawa” is the icon of Buddhists in Sri Lanka. 

However today people from the whole world visit here for seeing this place as it has become a top tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Not to mention, there about thousands of local and foreign people who visit here for taking blessings and for watching this marvelous creation with their own eyes.

Temple of tooth relic
Dalada Maligawa

Queens Hotel

One of Sri Lanka’s iconic historic hotels, Queen’s Hotel, situated in the heart of Kandy, faces the beautiful splendid surroundings alongside Kandy Lake.

With a history of over 160 years, The Queen’s Hotel is an 80-room British Colonial-style luxury hotel. And also, this former Governor’s residence is one of the oldest hotels in Sri Lanka which is managed by the Ceylon Hotels Corporation.

Recently, there are some cafes opened in this building, and people who visit Kandy, can have a nice chit-chat and enjoy a coffee there.

Queens hotel Kandy
Queen’s Hotel

Have a walk around the Bogambara Lake

You may not enjoy the trip without having a walk around the lake. Bogambara lake is an icon for Kandy city. The lake round is kind of romantic with a calm environment. And also, you can see many young couples hanging around the benches. And also, anyone can have a boat ride around the lake. There are some paid services around the lake. The Joy boat service can be identified as the oldest boat service in Kandy Lake. There are some birds like ducks, kingfishers are there a lot. People used to feed them with popcorn and bread crumbs. With huge trees and old relics around Kandy lake give us a unique experience throughout the journey.

Kandy Lake round you can visit by Kandy Odyssey
Kandy Lake round

Cannot miss the Kandy View Point

If you need to have a full panoramic view of Kandy city, this is the best place. The Dalada Maligawa alongside the Queen’s hotel and the Bogambara lake makes a breathtaking view in the evening. Not to mention, the lights of the Dalada Maligawa touch the water of the lake. And it makes a remarkable event when you see it from the viewpoint. The viewpoint is located on Rajapihilla road. However, you can access it by tuk-tuk or can have a walk from the town.

There are some nice restaurants nearby. And, most of the visitors used to have their lunch with the view by taking outdoor seating.

Kandy view point
View from the View Point in the evening

Climb the Bahirawa Kanda before the train

You may have seen a big statue of Buddha located on a mountain that can be seen from Kandy city. The Bahirawa Kanda temple is another beautiful location where anyone can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole town. People can climb the statue from the back. There is a safe staircase and at the stage at the top can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from another perspective.

Bahirawakanda Temple
Bahirawakanda Temple

Don’t forget the Royal botanical garden

Situated in Peradeniya, about 5 km away from Kandy city with an eye-catching environment with Sri Lanka’s second-oldest university nearby.

Not to mention, there are about 4000 species of plants including orchids, medicinal plants, and spices as well as many types of palm trees. However, you can visit the botanical garden from Kandy, by bus, or by tuk-tuk and get off from the Galaha Junction.

Royal Botanical Garden
Royal Botanical Garden

Is that all Kandy has to offer?

Kandy locates within spectacular mountains, beautiful lakes, and valleys which is why people say that Kandy is an amazing destination for sightseeing. Boasting a rich heritage, Kandy is full of surprises for travelers looking for cultural and religious sights. Most of the buildings in the city were constructed in the colonial era. And, the whole city looks like a city combined with the Kandyan era and the modern day.

Many tourists from all across the world visit this marvelous hill capital to explore its glorious past, witness the beauty of nature, and wildlife, and get a firsthand experience of its cool climatic conditions. Kandy has much to offer in terms of historical sites and monuments since it was the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. It is also one of the country’s most important locations for Buddhism. The city of Kandy today gives you heaps of modern as well as convenient facilities and forms of entertainment.

However, keep in mind that your train Kandy Odyssey will depart at 04.50 p.m from Kandy railway station. But of course, one day will not enough for you to get the full experience at Kandy. There are lots of unique hotels, villas, and resorts around Kandy if you stay. Especially at the Hanthana mountain range. Having a coffee listening to the “Theva sound” at the Temple of tooth relic on a chilling morning is a unique experience that can have only in Kandy.


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