This is the question asking every time when people ready to have a vacation to Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka safe to travel?

The answer is Yes !!

People used to think twice to visit Sri Lanka is because of Easter attack bombing happened in past April. However, within a few weeks, all most all the responsible parties for the bombing has been arrested by the Law enforcement authorities.

And now, the security of the country fully assured and there is nothing to fear about those bombings.

Yes Sri Lanka is safe to travel
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So don’t be hesitate to have a journey to this wonderful paradise at least once in a lifetime.

Is it worth to visit Sri Lanka?

Yes, of course, it is worth to visit. Only in Sri Lanka, you can experience the different climate conditions within travelling short distances. And also, the authentic Sri Lankan cuisines is one of the best experience you can have in Sri Lanka.

By the way, here in Sri Lanka, if you manage well, you will find the cheapest and comfortable public transportation. I recommend to choose the train. The best and cheapest way to travel all over the country with eye-catching and calmful rural areas.

And of course, the beachside, Galle, Hikkaduwa as well as Trincomalee are the best tourist hotspots in past years. The Kalpitiya kite surfing takes big attention last year.

visit Sri Lanka to find this hotel Ella jungle resort
Ella jungle resort

The hotels in Sri Lanka has a big diversity from 5-star hotels situated in the middle of the commercial cities to best comfort hotels that are located with the nature. There are lots of attention to these hotels and you can find the best comfort for a reasonable price from these hotels.

So once again, don’t be hesitate to have a visit to this beautiful island. Our law enforcement is always in vigilant and it is totally safe to travel to Sri Lanka.


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