Travelling after corona is a dream, as the corona-virus pandemic has turned all aspects of life upside down.

People trapped inside their homes.

Most people, especially those who enjoy travelling, are without doubt wondering, “when will we be able to travel again?” .The most sensible answer to that question is “when the situation brings under control”.

What can you do to stay safe?

But, despite the best efforts, it is likely that life, and that includes travel, will not as same as it used to be. For instance,

  • You will have to maintain social distance.
  • Wear masks
  • Use hand sanitiser your hands regularly.
  • Avoid touching your face as much as possible.
wash your hand when you travelling after corona
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Adhering to these precautions and preventative measures will ensure your safety, health, and well-being.

It is essential always to remember to carry these items with you when you travelling after the corona. Chances are there will be hand sanitiser in places like airports. But you must have them in hand when you need them. This is the only way to stay safe from Corona while travelling is to take the necessary precautions. The whole purpose of travelling is to have a good time. Taking essential precautions against Corona will help you do just that by staying safe. Self-protection should, under the given circumstances, be given top priority.

This might all seem inconvenient. However, it is better to take the necessary precautions and lower the risk than to catch the virus and suffer. These changes will add an extra layer of inconvenience. But staying safe from the virus should be our first and foremost priority. Yet as adventurous, travellers are often good at adapting to new situations. And also challenges and making the best of opportunities that are given.

Thus, having a positive mindset about facing the situation rather than being oppressed by it will help us find a solution to the situation and get on with our lives. Corona will most likely become the new challenge, And we as a species will have to learn to live with it. That is, at least, until a proper cure has been found.

Things you can do as prep during quarantine?

do a research before travel
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Do a research and plan a great tour!

While in quarantine, it is a unique opportunity to research about less-well-known destinations that are worth exploring. For instance, you can google “less well-known travel destinations that are worth visiting” and come across a list of destinations which despite being not as famous will be worth checking out.

You will be surprised to find that many travel destinations are affordable and accessible to tourists that aren’t famous. You’ll be even more surprised to find some of these destinations surpass the more popular destinations in beauty, variety, and the colourful experience they offer.

These destinations are less likely to be crowded. And also you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the location with more freedom without having to worry as much you would have to if you were visiting popular tourist attractions. These places will add diversity to your travel experience and enrich your life with the beautiful memories you take away while visiting these places.

These unique and exotic travel destinations will, without doubt, will perfect for visiting after conditions become favourable, and the health crisis caused by the coronavirus will under control.

Governments of countries around the world have taken several measures to curb the spread of this deadly virus such as imposing curfew, lockdown and providing mobile food and health services. They’ve imposed restrictions on travel, which will be most likely to be lifted as the situation is under considerable control. Once these things happen, it is essential to select or choose locations that not affected as much as others when you choosing your travel destination. These actions will significantly lower the risks associated with contracting the virus.

Find what can you do…

It would be best to use less public transport as much as possible, and if you must use it. Remember to maintain proper social distancing.

Also, avoid crowded places as much as possible will help you stay safe. You can select sites that are away from the main cities and other populated areas. For example, you can choose to hike in a wooded mountainside. Selecting a somewhat isolated area, away from human activity will be less risky. For example, to visit areas where people gather and are bustling with human activity.

Other likely changes to keep in mind when travelling after corona crisis

Face the new problem

You must also be ready to face the fact that in some places, the people may not be as welcoming as the others due to the current situation. They might look at tourists as possible carriers of the virus and a threat to their wellbeing. It is best to prepare to face such attitudes directed at you and keep an open mind about it. By being open to all possibilities, you won’t be surprised if you do happen to encounter such a situation.

Be more responsible and act thoughtfully

The whole world is experiencing a dire crisis. It is our responsibility to take things seriously and act thoughtfully. If we don’t, things will likely become worse. As individuals, we must play our role by acting responsibly. As the old saying goes, it seems that “prevention is better than cure” at least until they find a cure for this virus. So be responsible and act thoughtfully. When you are travelling, it will save you a world of trouble and inconvenience if you do so.

Higher travelling expenses and waiting lists

It is essential to keep in mind and to expect travelling expenses to be higher than usual because of the current situation. For instance, you will have to sometimes deal with long queues, especially at airports and other public places that you might have to stop by or visit.

Step to the new world

It is essential to keep in mind that you are stepping into a different world when you start travelling after Corona brought under considerable control. It won’t be the same as it used to be. As a traveller or a globetrotter, you should be ready to adapt and take necessary precautions when travelling because of your health and wellbeing matters above anything else. 

step in to a new world
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Author : Dulee Rushani


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