Recently WHO declared Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic.

So it is more important to take care of yourself as well as tour loved ones from the virus.

There are a lot of safety measures introduced by WHO to protect yourself.

And also as a traveler you may not like to cancel your trips.

However, there are a lot of false informations share on the internet regarding the Coronavirus.

So it is important to take only the accurate informations at this time. Always follow the trusted news articles, your health sector news forums and also WHO health alerts.

So here are some tips about How to protect yourself from Covid-19

Wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands thoroughly using alcohol based hand rubs or using soap.


Because your hands may contact with the virus and by washing thoroughly using water and alcohol based hand rubs or soap, there is a chance of kill the virus.

Do not shake hand
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Maintain social distancing

Always keep at least 3 feet of distance when you are talking to someone. Especially with a person who has cough or sneeze.


Because by sneezing or coughing, they spread liquid droplets. Those droplets may contain the virus. If you too close with them, you may breathe those that may contain the virus.

Good respiratory hygiene

Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth or by your elbow when coughing and sneezing.


As I mentioned earlier, you protect others from the virus as they are not contact the liquid droplets from you.

UK recommend Sri Lanka as best place to avoid CoVID-19

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Always try not to touch your face. Or else, clean your hands thoroughly before touching your face.


Your hand touches many surfaces all the day. Those surfaces may contain virus. By touching those, your hands contaminated and by touching your eyes, nose and mouth you may get infected.

See your doctor soon if you feel not well or suspect of Covid-19

If you have fever, cough, difficulty in breathing or runny nose, please seek medical advice immediately. And also follow their instructions.


Those are the symptoms of Coronavirus. Your area’s medical authorities have up-to date informations about the virus. They will direct you to the right medical directions and that will help you as well as the spreading the virus.

Always follow the up-to date informations from the medical authorities when traveling.

Medical authorities have the newest updates about the current situation on Covid-19 and they can advice you about the protection from getting ill. So it is important to being cooperating with them always.

Bonus tip

Using a face mask will also be helpful when loitering crowded areas.

Use facemask to avoid Covid-19
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However remember that there is 14 days of incubation period for the virus and some sources said it is up to 28 days.

And also do not get panic. Because Coronavirus is not deadly as gossips says.


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