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How Andrew Tate “The Alpha Male” got Arrested

Who is Andrew Tate and Greta Thunberg?
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The former kickboxer and social media influencer gained notoriety over the years for peddling misogynistic views. He was detained in Romania on Thursday 29 December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group, news sources said.

This is how many people’s social media hero “Alpha Male” Andrew Tate went to jail after asking a little girl for a fight.
The biggest mistake Andrew Tate made was asking Greta for trouble. After Andrew shows the man’s cars and provokes Greta, Greta gives the man and says ‘small dick’. Those who know about Greta know how she fights with Trump too!!

Andrew Tate twitter post
Twitter Post by Andrew
Reply by Greta
Greta’s Reply

The internet’s most famous teacher got a little confused after being called a “small dick”, so much so that he responded to it in a video.
So he, put a cigar in his mouth to show “Carbon emission, do something possible”. Next brought a pizza place in a non-perishable carbon board box in front. And say “Environmental damage, do anything you can” to Greta.
However, Andrew Tate did not know the extent of the dark work done himself. He was accused of many crimes until the police came to his house after tracking him because of the pizza box he had brought to shame Greta.
And also, if there is a day in history when a person called Alpha Male has wasted so much within 02 days.
Some people said that there are things to buy 50% of the man’s things. But after all the hard work you have done. And think if you can get anything from the man for five cents.
Finally, the most famous teacher on the Internet, Alpha Male, ended up in jail after asking a little girl for the game.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Tate has described himself as a misogynist; an admirer dubbed him “the king of toxic masculinity.” His lengthy interviews with podcasters are often edited down and widely shared by both his supporters and detractors. They hone in on a laundry list of sexist comments toward women including victim blaming and encouraging violence toward women.

Andrew was born in the U.S. and raised in both the United States and England, His first claim to fame came as a kickboxer. His professional career started in 2007. And also, won multiple world titles within the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA). while fighting out of the U.K.

Tate moved to Bucharest, Romania, in 2017, where he fought his last series of fights before retiring in 2020.

Tate commands an immense online following with 3.7 million followers on Twitter. Before he was kicked off various social media platforms, Tate had 4.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 740,000 followers on YouTube.

His notoriety online is often fueled by opponents’ intense criticism of his various statements. But he also boasts a passionate fan base of mostly young men.

Who is Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg is an environmental activist. According to Wikipedia, she was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2003.

When she was eight, she started learning about climate change. The more she learned, the more baffled she became as to why so little was being done about it.

Greta made international headlines herself with her School Strike for Climate protest. But her family already knew what fame looked like. Her mother is famous Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman, who represented Sweden at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Her grandfather, Olof Thunberg, was an actor who performed in many Swedish dubs of Disney movies, and Greta’s dad Svante is also an actor.

Greta was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition that can affect how people socialize with others. But Greta has described it as her “superpower” – it helps her see the world in black and white, which is useful because there are no grey areas in climate change.

Greta Thunberg
Image Credit: Wikimedia