DIY hand sanitizer is the best way for you as there are out of stock all the sanitizers in the market.

The WHO introduced a easy way to make your own hand sanitizer at home.

Every one, especially including frequent travelers face a big problem regarding personal hygiene. Because everywhere face masks hand rubs are out of stock because of CoVID-19 pandemic.

Here is the simple guide to make your own hand sanitizer at home

  • Ethanol 96% or Isopropyl alcohol 99.8%
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3%

  • Glycerol 98%

  • Boiled cold water

  • Clean bottles

Here is the ratio for 100ml of hand sanitizer

Alcohol (Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol – 85ml

Hydrogen peroxide – 4ml

Glycerol – 1.5ml

Add Alcohol to a mixing jar. Then add Hydrogen peroxide to the jar. Finally add Glycerol.

As Glycerol as sticky, add some cold boiled water to the Glycerol container and wash them to the mixing jar.

Then add cold boiled water to the mixing jar until total volume up to 100ml.

After that shake well the container to mix them well.

Finally add the prepared mixture to the small bottles and ready to use.


You can add Aloe Vera gel as a substitute for Glycerol. It may easier to find in the grocery.

However, the final Alcohol percentage should be keep more than 75%. It is the level of alcohol percentage to kill the virus in your hands. 

And also remember that do not wipe or wash your hands right after using hand sanitizer. Because virus is killing by dehydration and that is done by the alcohol as it vaporizing. So it will be no use if you wipe out or wash your hands before your hands get dry.

So try to make it at home and you can use easily the home made hand sanitizer without no worries.

Wash your hands using hand sanitizer
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