The 2022 FIFA World Cup will begin today in Qatar. After a grand opening ceremony, Qatar and Ecuador will compete in the first match. Will start at 09.30 PM Sri Lankan time.

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However, this is the first time, that a country from the middle east host the FIFA World Cup. It is a historical moment in the entire world cup history.

Besides, the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 will see 32 teams from five confederations vying for the coveted trophy.

The teams are host Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, the Netherlands, England, Iran, USA, Wales, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia, Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia, Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon, Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea. France is the reigning champion, having won the 2018 Cup in Russia.

And, for us in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Rupavahini acquired the official rights to broadcast the tournament in Sri Lanka.

[Update] MTV Network announces that they secured the rights to broadcast the tournament. Sirasa TV along with TV 01 and Shakthi TV Live-broadcasting of the World Cup.

  • Local TV : Sirasa TV
  • Dialog TV : Channel No 01
  • Peo TV : Channel No 20

Cooling stadiums at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

As mentioned earlier Qatar is the host for this year. Middle Eastern states are relatively hot. So, they plan to cool the inside of the stadiums for the comfort of football players and spectators from all over the world.

And also, It is said that a patent has not yet been obtained for this technology. Which was used for the first time at the Khalifa Stadium in 2017.

FIFA World Cup Cooling System
Cooling System FIFA 2022

They used this technology in 7 out of 8 stadiums designed for this year’s football world cup and the pioneer of this is Dr. Saud Abdullais Abdul aka Dr. Cool.

Not to mention, the technology used is Spot Cooling, which means providing cool air only to the necessary places in the stadium, especially for the spectators and players.

The cold air in the stadium circulates and filters the air and directs it toward the stadium. Generally, this cool air circulation system is able to maintain a temperature between 18-20 degrees Celsius.

Qatar football authorities said, “efforts have been made to promote environmental friendliness by using solar power”.

Cooling system of the stadium
FIFA Cooling System

Finally, the timetable for the tournament.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups
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Group A match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Sun, Nov. 20Qatar vs. Ecuador09.30 PMAl Bayt
Mon, Nov. 21Senegal vs. Netherlands09.30 PMAl Thumama
Fri, Nov. 25Qatar vs. Senegal06.30 PMAl Thumama
Fri, Nov. 25Netherlands vs. Ecuador09.30 PMKhalifa Int’l
Tues, Nov. 29Netherlands vs. Qatar08.30 PMAl Bayt
Tues, Nov. 29Ecuador vs. Senegal08.30 PMKhalifa Int’l

Group B match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Mon, Nov. 21England vs. Iran06.30 PMKhalifa Int’l
Mon, Nov. 21USA vs. Wales12.30 AMAhmad Bin Ali
Fri, Nov. 25Wales vs. Iran03.30 PM Ahmad Bin Ali
Fri, Nov. 25England vs. USA12.30 AMAl Bayt
Tues, Nov. 29Wales vs. England12.30 AMAhmad Bin Ali
Tues, Nov. 29Iran vs. USA12.30 AMAl Thumama

Group C match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Tues, Nov. 22Argentina vs. S. Arabia03.30 PM Lusail
Tues, Nov. 22Mexico vs. Poland09.30 PMStadium 974
Sat, Nov. 26Poland vs. S. Arabia06.30 PMEducation City
Sat, Nov. 26Argentina vs. Mexico12.30 AMLusail
Wed, Nov. 30Poland vs. Argentina12.30 AMStadium 974
Wed, Nov. 30S. Arabia vs. Mexico12.30 AMLusail

Group D match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Tue, Nov. 22Denmark vs. Tunisia06.30 PMEducation City
Tue, Nov. 22France vs. Australia12.30 AMAl Janoub
Sat, Nov. 26Tunisia vs. Australia03.30 PM Al Janoub
Sat, Nov. 26France vs. Denmark09.30 PMStadium 974
Wed, Nov. 30Tunisia vs. France08.30 PMEducation City
Wed, Nov. 30Australia vs. Denmark08.30 PMAl Janoub

Group E match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Wed, Nov. 23Germany vs. Japan06.30 PMKhalifa Int’l
Wed, Nov. 23Spain vs. Costa Rica09.30 PMAl Thumama
Sun, Nov. 27Japan vs. Costa Rica03.30 PM Ahmad Bin Ali
Sun, Nov. 27Spain vs. Germany12.30 AMAl Bayt
Thurs, Dec. 1Japan vs. Spain12.30 AMKhalifa Int’l
Thurs, Dec. 1Costa Rica vs. Germany12.30 AMAl Bayt

Group F match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Wed, Nov. 23Morocco vs. Croatia03.30 PM Al Bayt
Wed, Nov. 23Belgium vs. Canada12.30 AMAhmad Bin Ali
Sun, Nov. 27Belgium vs. Morocco06.30 PMAl Thumama
Sun, Nov. 27Croatia vs. Canada09.30 PMKhalifa Int’l
Thurs, Dec. 1Croatia vs. Belgium08.30 PMAhmad Bin Ali
Thurs, Dec. 1Canada vs. Morocco08.30 PMAl Thumama

Group G match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Thurs, Nov. 24Switzerland vs. Cameroon03.30 PM Al Janoub
Thurs, Nov. 24Brazil vs. Serbia12.30 AMLusail
Mon, Nov. 28Cameroon vs. Serbia03.30 PM Al Janoub
Mon, Nov. 28Brazil vs. Switzerland09.30 PMStadium 974
Fri, Dec. 2Cameroon vs. Brazil12.30 AMLusail
Fri, Dec. 2Serbia vs. Switzerland12.30 AMStadium 974

Group H match schedule

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Thurs, Nov. 24Uruguay vs. South Korea06.30 PMEducation City
Thurs, Nov. 24Portugal vs. Ghana09.30 PMStadium 974
Mon, Nov. 28South Korea vs. Ghana06.30 PMEducation City
Mon, Nov. 28Portugal vs. Uruguay12.30 AMLusail
Fri, Dec. 2South Korea vs. Portugal08.30 PMEducation City
Fri, Dec. 2Ghana vs. Uruguay08.30 PMAl Janoub

World Cup Round of 16

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Sat, Dec. 31A vs. 2B08.30 PMKhalifa Int’l
Sat, Dec. 31C vs. 2D12.30 AMAhmad Bin Ali
Sun, Dec. 41D vs. 2C08.30 PMAl Thumama
Sun, Dec. 41B vs. 2A12.30 AMAl Bayt
Mon, Dec. 51E vs. 2F08.30 PMAl Janoub
Mon, Dec. 51G vs. 2H12.30 AMStadium 974
Tues, Dec. 61F vs. 2E08.30 PMEducation City
Tues, Dec. 61H vs. 2G12.30 AMLusail

World Cup Quarterfinals

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Fri, Dec. 9QF1: 1E/2F vs. 1G/2H08.30 PMEducation City
Fri, Dec. 9QF2: 1A/2B vs. 1C/2D12.30 AMLusail
Sat, Dec. 10QF3: 1F/2E vs. 1H/2G08.30 PMAl Thumama
Sat, Dec. 10QF4: 1B/2A vs. 1D/2C12.30 AMAl Bayt

World Cup Semifinals

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Tues, Dec. 13QF2 vs. QF112.30 AMLusail
Wed, Dec. 14QF4 vs. QF312.30 AMAl Bayt

World Cup 3rd Place

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Sat, Dec. 17Semifinal losers08.30 PMKhalifa Int’l

World Cup Final

DateMatchTime (IST)Stadium
Sun, Dec. 18Semifinal winners08.30 PMLusail

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