Organizing a family trip is Sri Lanka is a most challenging for almost everyone. It’s not that easy, in Sri Lanka, family means not only papa, mama and children. It consists of grand parents, aunties and uncles. And also cousins included.So, with these huge crowd, these are a lot of variables when planning a trip.Therefore, we have sorted some useful tips for planning a perfect family trip!

Challenge of gathering everyone 

The main challenge of starting a family trip is to gather everyone to a one place to discuss the trip.However, it is not that easy because at the very first moment, the start “chata chata chating” with all the gossips around the world! While aunties gossiping about everyone, uncles and grand fathers start “political talks”.So, it is not that easy to start a conversation about a family trip. Treat them with some cookies and tea. When they start calm down, the conversation about family trip can be started.

The fight for the location 

The very first thing is to select a location. Everyone wants to go for a place they never visited. eventually, it may be a place that everyone visited! Try to search for places in articles that wrote on the internet. With several arguments, they all agree about the location. Now it’s time for date reservation fight!

Mission Impossible: Date Fixing

The date fixing is the most impossible task. Because, eventually relatives agree for a date and your grand mother speaks and say “I have a clinic on that day my dear”.So, it will be the most difficult thing in planning a family trip.Finally, you all will agree for a date by skipping clinic days, daughter’s music class, little son’s concert practices and uncle’s office meeting.

Make some noise! Find a transport 

You can’t use your private car for the whole bunch of crowd. Find a best suitable vehicle for your trip. It may be a van or small bus. Or else, you are traveling to up country, train is also a good option. The most beautiful scenic view can be seen only when traveling by train. You can book tickets for your crowd and it will be less cost and more comfort than the road. 

Vehicle isn’t enough 

You need a place to sleep at night. They best option is to book a Banglaw or hotel rooms online or via their websites before arriving. Some people used to find a place after arriving. Sometimes most places may be crowded or get scammed by the brokers. So, the most effective way is to book your place at least two or three days before arriving.

Getting ready…

Please schedule a time for leaving at least one hour before your expected time. Because, sometimes your akki’s little boo boo needs to go to the toilet at the last moment. Or your grand mother forgets to take his medicine. Not to mention a worst case that you forget your underwear to put in to the bag and you realize after starting the trip!

Some final tips

Do not forget to take some snacks like your grandma’s home made “kiri toffee” while listening to their nostalgic memories. And also a “bongo” to have some baila on the way. It is the most precious memories and enjoyable little things on a trip. And that makes a perfect travel for a whole year! 


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