A major outage of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp on this evening for several parts of the world (04th of October) say, users.

The reason for all three sites go down is that all platforms run on the shared infrastructure of Facebook.

“Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on it and fixed as soon as we can”

error massage on the browser when trying to log in to the Facebook website. However, the mobile app is live according to some users. There are whole to of twitters saying that these platforms including Whatsapp went down at about 9.00 pm Colombo time.

According to downdetector.com and downrightnow.com, also reported that there is a sudden spike in the user reports about the Facebook website.

facebook down on downdetector

According to the data on these portals, more than 100,000 people reported being problems logging in to these websites.

Facebook is the most popular web giant in messaging and social media in the world. This there are billions of users in those multi-platforms and this is a huge breakdown for them.

However, we can’t still confirm the reason for this issue and we are still looking for the cause of this global outage and will reach you soon with the updated information.


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