After many years, Sri Lanka is going to hit by a heavy cyclone named “Burevi” this year.

However, the cyclonic storm “Burevi” is expected o cause heavy rainfalls across Sri Lanka in next two days (03rd & 04th December). Extremely heavy rainfalls with extreme wind should expected.

The cyclonic storm “Burevi” over the South-West bay of bengal, lay centered near latitude 8.1N and longitude 84.2E, about 330KM East – South East of Trincomalee at 2330h of 01st December;

Said Department of Meteorology.

Moreover, the system is very likely to move West- North West wards and cross the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka, between Batticoloa and Point Pedro.

Very strong gusty winds about 80-90 Kmph should expected in Nothern, North Central, Eastern, Western, North-Western, Central and Sabaragamuwa provinces.

Also, department of Meteorology send warnings to all the public to be vigilant regarding this extreme weather condition.

Finally, here are some public notifications about Cyclone Burevi by Department of Meteorology.

status about cyclone burevi by meteorological department
about sea area, the cyclone effects
cyclone burevi effects at sea area by meteorology department

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