According to the COVID task force, the Curfew will be lifted from the 1st of October. And now, new health guidelines released for the public.

However, the long-awaiting travel restrictions were not fully lifted.

With the news, our people may start “machan shot ekak daanna set wemu”! But these types of parties will not a good idea still.

  • No inter-provincial movement allowed except for essential services.
  • No cinemas.
  • No sports activities except walking paths.
  • No weddings, only registrations with a maximum of 10 people. And that will be not a good news for the “getting ready to marry” couples.

Full detailed press release

This is the time that we all need to be more protected and it will protect not only you but your loved ones, colleagues and all the people around you.

Most people lost their day to day works. And especially, the day workers are the most affected cluster from this lockdown.

Not to mention the number of daily COVID cases is still in a higher position and we all should be taking more precautions against the virus. If not another bigger hit will be not far away.

Curfew is over. But make sure to get the vaccine

curfew is over. Get vaccinated as soon as possible
Are You Vaccinated

The vaccine program also achieving its best to hit the target. Happy to say that more than 50% of the population has taken at least the first dose of the vaccination. It’s a huge win for a country like Sri Lanka.

And please stop looking for the “best high cast vaccines” to take. Take the easiest one that you can find. It is the best survival kit you can get for this pandemic. Not to mention even “pain people” took the vaccine. So why you should not?

Be careful when entering the restaurants. However, dine-in will not allow until 15th October.

Stay away from public gathering

Stay away as much as possible from public places
Stay away from public gatherings

Also, the most vulnerable place for COVID is public transport. But according to the health guidelines, public transportation will not start immediately after lifting curfew.

This isn’t the time for travel around Sri Lanka. No Kandy, Nuwaraeliya or Ella for Colombo people. and no Galle, Hikka or “hoo gaana pokuna” for Kandyans.

The best practices against COVID-19 should keep in mind and of course, should implement.


Hi there! I am Shamal. Studying Psychology at The Open University of Sri Lanka. Doing some studies related to mental health and having good practice in researching the facts. As well am a freelance investigative writer with more than 5 years of experience. I started this blog a few years ago as a hobby. First I wrote about Traveling locations and day-to-day news that feels important to write.

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