The new Coronavirus (nCoV-2019) is now a World health emergency as announced by WHO recently.

In that case, almost all countries face huge health issues regarding this new virus threat.

Because of that, most of the countries including the United States has been closed the country for passengers who came from China.

However, as a percentage, 8.77% of tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka came from China. And also, most of the arrivals recorded in the first three months.

There was a huge loss in tourist arrivals last year, because of easter attacks in April. And now, because of this coronavirus, most of the countries refused to travel overseas.

Is Sri Lanka Free From Coronavirus?

There is only one patient recorded from Sri Lanka as a patient. And hopefully, now she fully recovered and ready to discharge.

Luckily no other confirmed cases reported in Sri Lanka for this virus outbreak. And also, according to the health authorities, everybody that passes through the Airport is checking by authorities for viruses.

Still, there are no records for any other cases in any town regarding virus threats. However, as for today, there are lots of tourists travel all over the country and make them comfortable.

However, it’s in your hand that every time uses the safety precautions. Not to mention that still Coronavirus outbreak is a world health emergency. wearing a mask all the time is somewhat helpful.

coronavirus checkup at BIA Sri Lanka
image credit: Daily News

prevention methods as a traveler

Wearing a mask a not 100% safer method. But it is useful to some extent.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and clean water. Make sure to scrub hands at least 20 seconds.

Avoid touching face, especially eyes, nose and mouth. They are the main doors that you get sick.

If you ever feel sick, don’t hesitate to admit to the nearest hospital and have a checkup. Our health authorities are always ready to respond to these emergency situations. And also it is your responsibility to attend medical checkups if you sick.


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