Paul Charles, the chief executive of the PC Agency stated that Sri Lanka as the best place to survive from the Corona Virus outbreak. It is safer to stay in a warmer climate to avoid the impact of this Virus. He said this to a leading media network in the United Kingdom, SkyNews.

corona virus
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He further said that “I’ll be heading somewhere really warm, to be honest, because it seems that the medical advice is given states that any country which generally has a temperature above 29 degrees Celsius has not been reported of CoronaVirus. I’d be looking at the Caribbean islands or Sri Lanka which is popular as a tourist destination. Looking at those areas where the heat is on.”

Sri Lanka only reports one Corona Virus patient, a Chinese woman. However, she fully recovered and fly back to her home a few weeks ago. And still, there are no suspicious cases of Corona Virus as for today. Sri Lankan Health Ministry with the collaboration of the Sri Lanka Army to do their best to avoid entering Corona Virus to the Country. So, it will be safer to travel to Sri Lanka. And enjoy the holiday and feel the warmer and brighter climate in the country.

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