When talking about Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan recipes are unforgettable.

The true Asian taste of spices can enjoyed here with the delicious meals that are made by Sri Lankans.

When talking about spices, people here used to add many kinds of spices to the dishes a lot. The incense of the food makes mouthwatering and the taste also the same.

However, we Sri Lankans used to add too much spice to the cookings and that makes smarting of the mouth.

So here are some Sri Lankan recipe for you to taste.

Jack fruit curry (Polos)

Polos curry or jack fruit curry
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Jack fruit consumed in different stages of ripeness. and there are different recipes for every stage of ripeness. Such as very ripe sweet fruit to early-stage green fruit (we call it Polos)The jack fruit slice into pieces and boil until soft.

Then cook with adding spices such as turmeric chilli powder and curry powder. Also by adding onions, garlic and curry leaves make it tastier.

Kottu, ever-loving Sri Lankan recipe

Kottu, best Sri Lankan ever loving recipes

If you walk through the busy roads at the evening, you may heard sounds of metal clanking inside the food restaurants.

That is the sound when they prepare Kottu AKA Kottu roti. 

It’s just like the Fried rice, but instead of rice, they add roti named godamba roti. It made from wheat flour.

This roti cut in to small pieces and add some eggs and vegetables (mostly carrot and leeks).The Sri Lankan food style of mixing this is by metal clanking.

Kottu served with a spicy curry gravy, mostly chicken curry. This is very famous among the street food huts in Sri Lanka.

Sour Fish Curry (Fish Ambulthiyal)

Ambulthiyal( sour fish curry) includes in authentic Sri Lankan recipes.
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This is another curry dish that shows the taste of Sri Lankan cuisines.

The original recipe originated at the southern part of Sri Lanka and now you can taste this dish all around Sri Lanka.

For this preparation, chefs usually pick a large fish such as Tuna. Then cut in to small cubes. After that these cubes sautéed in the blend of garlic cinnamon pepper curry leaves and turmeric. Also not to forget gambooge (Goraka). Is the main spice for sour taste of the curry. After that these mixture cook in with the low water.

Sri Lankan Hoppers

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This is another delightful dish that you can enjoy in Sri Lanka.
Some people say that it is the Sri Lankan style alternative for pancakes.

 It made up with a batter slightly fermented with rice flour coconut water and little bit of sugar and salt according to the taste.

The batter fried in a wok and turns around to take the shape of hoppers. The special favor comes with an egg, the egg hoppers. A egg is add in to middle of hopper and fry.

The Hoppers served with chili paste called Lunu Miris mixing with onion mix. 

Milk Rice with Lunu Miris

Kiribath or milk rice
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Milk rice with lunu miris (chilli paste ) also Holds a big place in Sri Lankan food recipes, that can tasted anywhere in the country.

Milk rice is cooking as same as the rice and finally add some coconut milk to the rice.

The plate served with the lunu miris or onion mix. In Sri Lanka, milk rice served as a breakfast. Also you can have it any time with your favor. 


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