Kandy Sri Lanka is the last kingdom of the ancient king’s era of Sri Lanka. In the first place, the city is surrounded by the hills of the upcountry giving a home to the tea plantation and biodiverse rainforest.

Kandy is a town that every traveler gives high priority in their travel journey in Sri Lanka, there are many amazing reasons to do so.

Kandy city is the heart of Buddhism which is the Temple of the tooth relic of Gautama Buddha is located. So this city is a world heritage with the beautiful Bogambara Lake in the middle of the town.

However, if you wish to visit Kandy by train, from there you can see many places within walking distance in the city, as well as it will be a great experience to see the city building’s architecture of the colonial era of Sri Lanka

Sites of the heritage city Kandy.

There are many Historical Buddhist temples as well as natural scenic places and gardens to visit in the city.

  • Temple of Tooth Relic
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Kandy View Point (Arthur’s seat)
  • Udawattekele sanctuary
  • Lankathilaka Temple
  • Ambakka temple
  • Bahirawa kanda temple

Temple of the tooth relic

temple of tooth relic in kandy city
image credit: pixabay.com

The relic of the tooth of Buddha is located in this place. This temple plays a huge role in Sri Lankan Buddhist culture. The temple of the tooth relic is located in the middle of Kandy city with beautiful Bogambara Lake lying aside.

The famous queen’s hotel is also located in front of the temple.

However, there is a dress code you should know before entering the temple. Men and women should wear a dress which is covered their bodies. Women should wear a dress that should be longer than the knees. And also you have to remove your shoes before entering the temple. Don’t worry there is a secure place to keep your shoes safe.

There are also some Devalas in the area around Kandy city. Katharagama Devalaya, Wishnu Devalaya, Paththini Devalaya, Natha Devalaya to visit. The architecture of these buildings also belongs to King’s era in Sri Lanka and one should see the beauty of these places.

Royal Botanical Garden

peradeniya botanical gaeden
image credit: Imgur

Royal Botanical Garden is situated in Peradeniya, about 5 km away from Kandy city with an eye-catching environment with Sri Lanka’s second-oldest university nearby. In earlier times this garden was reserved only for Kandyan Royals only. But today every local and foreigner are allowed to visit and enjoy the most beautiful and largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka which is about 60 hectares.

There are about 4000 species of plants including orchids, medicinal plants, and spices as well as many types of palm trees.

You can visit the botanical garden from Kandy, by bus, or by tuk-tuk and get off from the Galaha Junction.

Udawattekele Sanctuary

udawattekele sanctuary
image credit: Wikipedia

Not only the royal botanical garden but also Udawattekele Sanctuary is best known for bird watching. This small forest is full of hardwood and is located within walking distance of Kandy city. However, feel free to take a guide with you. There are small paths to walk and some paths are slippery.

There are many indigenous plant species you can see in the forest.

Kandy View Point (Arthur’s Seat)

kandy view point
image credit: Imgur

In addition, this is another wonderful place where you can view the whole city from above. Which is situated on the way to the Hanthana mountain range. The Sacred Temple of tooth relic together with the Bogambara Lake gives a marvelous view from above. Many are used to visiting there in the evening to site this view. Located in the Rajapihilla Mawatha with many hotels around. You can see a panoramic view of Kandy town. There are thousands of tourists visiting here per day.

kandy temple
Temple in Kandy
image credit: withlocals.com

Furthermore, there are so many other places to watch in the area of Kandy city. however, anyone should have a day or two travel experience in this city and it will be your best days in Sri Lanka.


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