There are reports about a genius girl of Sri Lankan origin who surpassed the intelligence level of two of the world’s greatest scientists.

Foreign media reports that a 10-year-old schoolgirl named Ariana Himal Dharmasena from the United Kingdom has achieved this feat.

British media reported that she scored 162 on the Mensa intelligence test. It surpassed the estimated intelligence level of 160 for two great scientists. Namely, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

It is called the “Genius” level due to this talent. Not only that, but she has also been awarded membership in the Mensa high intelligence club, BBC media reports.

Ariana’s parents are Janaka Dambara Hevage and Mekala Perera. They have been living in Matale, Sri Lanka, and moved to Huddersfield, Britain in 2009.

However, This Genius girl Ariana was born in Britain in 2012. And, educated at St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Huddersfield. And also, her future hope is to become a famous scientist, BBC media reports.

What is Mensa Iq test?

According to, This test consists of 35 problems that must be solved within a 25-minute time limit. And also, all the items consist of entirely visual patterns with progressive difficulty and do not require specialized knowledge or mathematical skills. Each correct answer gives one point, and all items are weighted equally.

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